The Expressive Art Process is the quieting of oneself which allows the vault of inherent activity to give rise and stir the mind. Capturing this movement through the expressive art modalities allow for an individual to experience personal healing, relieve stress; stimulate social and personal change, ignite imagination and fuel creativity.


When engaged in this creative process the focus is not on the outcome, but rather the journey that unfolds along the way. As a skilled trainer and certified Expressive Arts Educator, I facilitate this experience through the use of collage, mixed media and sculpture.


Over the years I have developed a love affair with fonts and lettering; for me all creative pursuits come to life when embellished with the written word! Reflected most recently in my chalk art boards, there is a dancing of letters that begins to take form as I design the work...I find this process to be transformative not only for the piece I'm creating, but for my own self! It is this surprising power that I desire to harness for individuals who walk the expressive arts journey with me!