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Welcome to CERASart, a mobile & virtual expressive arts studio.

Gather as you are. Create with intention. Expressive Arts strengthens relationships with Self, others and community. Now featuring individual and group Wellness Coaching to expand greater states of emotional intelligence.



CERASart - Gather


Come together, as you are, to be in the company of others. Learn more >

CERASart - Create


Bring into existence artwork reflective of spontaneous and intuitive expression. Learn more >

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Form a relationship with Self, community and environment. Learn more >


Virtual Expressive Arts offerings has become the innovative solution for the pandemic era. Utilizing video platforms of ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Ring and others, CERASart transforms the remote gathering to one that unifies despite distance.

 In-person engagements are subject to availability and COVID-19 current restrictions.

Corporate Wellness at CERASart

Work-site Wellness

Diversify work-site wellness, foster emotional intelligence through expressive arts engagement. Available for employee resource groups, HR, leadership development and targeted incentive program offerings! Select from over a dozen Expressive Arts engagements, offered both in-person and virtual, to elevate the employee experience! Contact CERASart for a strategy consult.

SEL School Program

Expressive Arts+You=Wellness is a branded curriculum to foster self awareness, problem solving as well as introduce stress and anxiety coping strategies while learning the elements of art for youth. After school and virtual arts engagement assembly opportunities now being booked for 2022. Contact CERASart for details.

Retreat Add-On

Offered as an experiential add-on, CERASart packages include all materials and professional on-site facilitation to add further value to any retreat setting. Designed to awaken neural circuitry, illuminate greater states of emotional intelligence and personal authenticity. Contract with CERASart for destination wellness, spiritual renewal and leadership retreats; viable options for all.

Custom Audience at CERASart

Custom Audience

Chocolate & Chalk and Vision Boarding engagements are the most requested private expressive arts events to date! Coordinate with CERASart for team fundraising needs, social mixers, support groups and more! Customize themes to make personal and unique; able to work with varying needs and interests. Contact CERASart to learn more.

Wellness Coaching

1:1 Wellness Coaching offered by Sarah Patterson, a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Expressive Arts Educator, facilitates the journey of emotional intelligence and well being to approach the capacity of life dynamics. Develop personal goals derived from engagement with expressive arts exercises and approachable coaching techniques. Telephonic, video or in-person. Book a session today!

Keynote Speaker

Sarah Patterson, owner of CERASart, offers over ten years expertise in the fields of Expressive Arts Education, Family Dynamics and Emotional Intelligence. She is a thought leader for this pandemic era, an articulate speaker who sustains engagement and is a true visionary. She unpacks how to navigate the complexities of interconnectedness through the discovery of self identity and personal responsibility. Contact CERASart to learn more.


Process Art

“Process art” is the term for works of art created during an expressive arts engagement. Virtual engagements utilize common art mediums and tools found in remote workspaces and household junk drawers. From cereal boxes to salt, from pens to junk mail, all art making is approachable. Premium supply lists are made available by request, but not necessary. All tools and art mediums are provided for in-person CERASart engagements packaged individually to ensure a prepared environment is ready for each participant. Spontaneity and a sense of playfulness are the only prerequisites!


CERASart facilitated thematic engagements include, but not limited to: Expressive Self Portrait, Taking Root, Black Out Poetry, Mandala Making, Vision Boarding, Women of Influence, Graffiti Gratitude, Personalized Wellness Mapping & more!


People are talking about CERASart...

Sarah is an amazing, creative woman! I have personally worked with her on collage and other miscellaneous artistic projects. She is very talented and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her workshops!
CERASart create
Victoria T.
As a facilitator, Sarah offers patience and kindness to help us through the process. She accepts every personality on equal terms and each creation is valued for the job it brings to the person involved.
CERASart Testimonial
Teresa C.
Las Vegas

The way Sarah explains things
gives art a lot of power and meaning.

CERASart Testimonial
Christchurch, NZ
I wanted to share what an amazing turnout we had for the Vision Boarding session yesterday with Sarah Patterson. Sarah was a fantastic speaker and presenter; she was soothing, articulate, and engaging.
CERASart Testimonial
Los Angeles


Sarah Patterson

Raised among a talented family of artists, musicians and storytellers, coupled with a background in health and wellness; an artful foundation flourished in 2005, when creative genius behind CERASart, Sarah Patterson, completed a program in Expressive Art Therapy. This allowed her the skills to become a certified Expressive Arts Practitioner.

Today, as a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner, she holds an MS in Mental Health & Wellness, with an emphasis on Family Dynamics, and is a Certified Wellness Coach. Sarah curates an Expressive Arts movement by forging partnerships and relationships with companies, organizations, educational institutions and individuals to inspire greater states of wellness, creatively!


Fun facts:

  • Sarah loves coffee, dark chocolate and typography
  • She is the only sister among seven brothers
  • In 1998 she walked the Camino de Santiago
  • Corita Kent is one of her inspirations
  • One life goal includes zip lining around the world
  • Love comes first for her husband and two children


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CERASart engagements stimulate dynamic regions of the brain, awaken the inner musings of a
participant’s ‘Self’, resulting in deeper awareness and states of authentic clarity. Together this
yields a multitude of desired wellness outcomes. 

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